KRG researcher Matt Ventresca has co-authored a paper with Mark Norman, Courtney Szto & Simon Darnell titled, ‘Driving to the ‘Net: Blogs, Frames and Politics in the New York Islanders’ Stadium Saga’.

The article is accessible online through the Journal of Sport and Social Issues.


In this collaborative article written by a group of contributors to critical sports blog Hockey in Society, the authors examine the online responses to the conclusion of a decades-long debate about whether to build a new arena for the New York Islanders of the National Hockey League. Through the duration of this political saga, the Islanders franchise strove to mobilize support for the ostensible benefits of the stadium development and the importance of the team for the local community and economy. In this article, Norman and his colleagues offer an analysis of the ways in which such processes were interpreted, supported, and/or resisted by some of its highly invested fans through the act of blog writing. Based on content analysis and interviews, the results suggest that bloggers saw little choice but to support plans that kept the team as close to its original location as possible. The authors use this data to discuss the hegemony of neoliberalism as an organizing principle of professional sport, the agency of fans that negotiate such politics when supporting their club, and the Internet as a platform for communication and potential collective action in sport.


Norman, M., Ventresca, M., Szto, C. & Darnell, S. (2014). Driving to the ‘Net: Blogs, Frames and Politics in the New York Islanders’ Stadium Saga. Journal of Sport and Social Issues. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1177/0193723514541282