KRG PhD candidate Robbie Millington has received a 2-year SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellowship that will begin September 2015 for his research project titled “Are the Olympics good for the world?: Investigating the International Olympic Committee as an agent of international development.

Robbie’s post-doc will be supervised by Dr. Simon Darnell at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education.  The project seeks to explore the possibilities and limitations of having the IOC as a driver of international development policies and programs. In recent years, the IOC has positioned itself as an international development organization by promoting the development benefits of hosting the Olympics for global South polities, and by initiating their own sport for development program, Olympism in Action, that operates in developing countries. The project will investigate how the IOC understands its role as an agent of international development, how it reconciles the potential conflicts between its dual aims of ‘sport for profit’ and ‘sport for good,’ and how it might support or undermine the efforts of other development organizations.

Congratulations Robbie!